Could I be pregnant after having unprotected sex a day before getting my period?

I've had unprotected sex twice in the space of two weeks. First time he pulled out, but I still went and took the morning after pill for safety precautions but managed to throw it back up after half an hour of taking it. The second time, he did not pull out but again went and took the morning after pill and kept it down. The following day, I got my period, but it was so light I didn't even need to wear tampons. This lasted for 3 weeks, and now I've begun to have intense nausea, and out of the blue vomiting episodes. I've read a lot of forums, but non can give me a clear idea. I'm aware that women don't get their period during pregnancy, but they get bleeding which can be mistaken for a period. But I thought after a day is a little soon, but then there's still the possibility of falling pregnant from the first unprotected sex. But then again pre-ejaculate very rarely contains active sperm. If the vomiting persists, I will go see a doctor. But I'd rather get some insight and opinions of what could be happening if it's not because of being pregnant.
Asked Aug 07, 2013
Edited Aug 07, 2013
Yes you could
Answered Aug 07, 2013
Take a test. OWOK. (only way of knowing!)
Answered Aug 10, 2013
yes it could be pregnancy..its better you consult a doc asap..
Answered Oct 01, 2013
If you have your period right after you've had sex and is vomiting then yes your pregnant but take a test for sure
Answered Oct 03, 2013
i say you are pregnat..... but like everyone else says, make sure that you checked with a test.

~shinc the hedgehog~
Answered Dec 18, 2013
I think your preggers <3 just take a test tho
Answered Jun 28, 2014
Yes.. it is definitely possible. Unless you are on the pill, make sure you use a condom. And you need to be aware that a guy can transfer all sorts of bacteria to you during unprotected sex acts, so make sure he is keeping the area extra clean. Using an antibacterial penis health creme helps a lot. I use one and my girlfriend really appreciates it... especially with oral sex and other condomless sex acts. You can get one online. Hope this helps.
Answered Apr 24, 2017

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