Can someone help me with this its a book called zeitoun

1. The book is told in a timeline fashion with the ‘chapters’ having dates or seasons as titles. What effect does this have on the book and on the story in general?
2. Eggers is praised for his use of details and imagery. Did you notice any that you found particularly interesting or important? How do the details of this book contribute to its effectiveness and enjoyment?
3. The story of Zeitoun occurs 4 years after 9/11. How does the tragic attack affect the story?
4. Do the first three sections of the book introduce you to a man who you would expect to receive the treatment Zeitoun does? How does that treatment happen and what are some examples of why he does or doesn’t deserve it?
5. Look at the portion of the books that deals with Zeitoun’s ‘arrest’ and subsequent treatment by the ‘judicial’ system. How is he treated and how is that treatment similar or different than what you would have expected?
6. Section V is the aftermath of the ordeal for the Zeitouns. Although Zeitoun’s imprisonment lasts approximately 20 days, in what ways will it never end?
7. Write about another book or movie in which they take a current event and “add more to the story”.
8. Would this be considered to be in the genre of historical fiction? Why or why not?
9. What are some of the similarities between their judicial system and ours? Explain.
10. Think about the setting of this book, 4 years after 9/11. Change the setting to 4 years after another major historical event and explain how that then changes the entire novel, and why you chose that event.
Asked Aug 06, 2013

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