Can someone help me find this girl

I met her at the camping Center Parcs Kempervennen in the swimming pool (aqua mundo). The date was the second of august 2013 and we did both like each other but we where both to scared to talk to eachother. I don't even know her name. The only thing I know is what she looks like. Now I want to know her full name so I can add her on facebook and chat with her. The time was between 12:00 and 18:00. She is blonde and around 1.75 tall. I can recognise her from a picture. Pleqse help im desperate :(
Asked Aug 03, 2013
Even on the very, very extreme ultra long shot that someone here had the tiniest clue of who she might be, you can't put names or photos on EHelp. August 2, 2013 was just yesterday. Go back to the pool and look for her.
Answered Aug 03, 2013
I would love to but I just got home from vacation and I just cant go back. Im 14 years old... If someone could give me a list or something idk know what to do :'(

If someone knows anything you can ask my email

And too, her little brother said somthing about someone named Laura. There is a chance that could mean her but im not sure
Vocun3 Aug 03, 2013
Nobody can post an email address on this web site either. The post will be deleted. There are no lists of people at the swimming pool for anyone to look at here either. If you don't know anybody back at the pool that can try to get it for you, your chances don't sound good to me.
Rob Aug 03, 2013
Do you know anything else I can possibly do?
Vocun3 Aug 03, 2013
Sorry but the only thing I can think of is to learn from the experience.
Rob Aug 03, 2013
Too bad for me then :(
Vocun3 Aug 04, 2013

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