Why am I always so tired?

I'm a 14 year old girl. I'm constantly tired,every minute of the day. As soon as I wake up, I'm tired. I get the right amount of sleep, if not more. For example I went to sleep at 11.15pm then that was me until 1.30pm the next day, I had something to eat then went back to bed and slept from 3.00pm till around 6.40pm then I got up had my dinner and had a shower then went to sleep again at 8.45pm till around 10.15pm. I had a cup of tea and went straight back to sleep. This is me nearly every day, I'm constantly tired and if I don't sleep I sometimes fall asleep during daily activities. The other day I feel asleep on FaceTime to my friend! Also when I am sleeping, I sleep like a baby. I don't wake up once and I go straight to sleep every night. What's wrong with me? How can I fix this? It's taking over my life!
Asked Aug 03, 2013
Sleep deprivation can be a dangerous thing. There are medical conditions that can make you feel this way. Sleep disorders like sleep apnia and illnesses like mononucleosis (sometimes just called "mono") for example. You need to see a doctor.
Answered Aug 03, 2013
have you tried staying awake for a while or a whole day? Rob may be right you may need to see a doctor.But if nothing is wrong with you, then try staying awake and when you feel like you falling asleep go to bathroom and wash your face with cold water.And make sure you get some exorcize play something like tennis get your body moving.Also try to make a list of what to do, for example play tennis at 1:00 pm then swim or what ever you feel like. If you fall asleep drink or have something with you like a soda but don't drink everyday its not healthy and try other things to! Hope I helped.
Answered Aug 04, 2013

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