Can anyone help me with my life,please?

I am a 24 yr old guy,i live a very unhappy and lonely life.Things have been bad for quit sometime now.I loved this girl,she cheated on me,i stayed with her being unconsciously aware of it,coz I loved her.She left me anyway(gttng mrrd to a diff guy) and that was in April(after almost 8yrs).I need help coz even tho this is not the first time I got dissapointed in life last few years has been most painful.I dont find any purpose or reason in my life,i hate my life,the person I am inside out.Plz dnt get me wrong its not just the break up other things like my parents,my career there's nothing that I'm close to,i dnt have enough space or ur time 2 giv every reason.The best way to put it is this girl came in n gave a reason to feel that I have somethin speacial in n ahead of me in my life,i sacrificed a lot of things for her one of it includes the things I wanted to do in life(career),other things(self respect,ego,a lifetime worth of love n suffering,etc).Now I have nothing left 4myself,i dont have one single thing that can inspire me,A palmist came to see me,he said my skin will go bad,same with my kidneys,eyes,i will make money wont b abl to keep it,i'll hv problm in sex life n my marriage(infedilty).Now let me explain u something n I want u 2 blve me,since I was a child,anything I loved or who brought joy to me in my life always somehow got bad its like a curse(my cousin,an elder brother,mom,this girl).Now i'm old enough n been thru enough to get an idea abt how things are n possbly will b,but its hard to look forward or just do anythng knowing dat its just a life m living coz I have it n for no other reason.I'll b really thankful to anyone who could tell me anything about wat might b there ahead of me anything at all.If i'll ever find a woman's love,or will I ever be good at anythnig enough to go somewhere in life for it(i play music) anything at all coz I dont feel like n m sure I can never love a girl with the same conviction n honesty,i dnt see myslf goin anywhr wth music eithr(dats my passion) n dnt feel any intrest,my studies r in complete backburner.I'm worried as my life is passing by me with nothing but disappointments,failures n hurts. Plz dnt ask me to see a shrink coz dey wnt tell me anythn I dnt knw already.So.if u cud plz help me out with any info dat might help me undrstnd my life a lil bettr may b I cn strt it 4m smwhr 2 gt smwhr u knw,i cnt take it as a journey cz so far its been a bad trip.
I was born in India,West Bengal,Kolkata,Sodepur
T.O.B-5:02 A.M.
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Asked Aug 01, 2013

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wow man life been 2ough on u. but tat doesn't mean u should give up, im like u don't know wat to do when I get older. but however difficult it is do not say u got a shitty life. now I want u to watch this video and start beliving in urself.4

ps: YOUR still young man 24 is prime go out, have fun maybe apply for any job then ur stage come to relationship.
I wish you success and happiness in ur life Mac.!good luck
Answered Aug 03, 2013

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