What I really want to ask is: "if you plan to meet, and you really know them, can online love work?"

If you really know someone, you believe in them and you trust them, and you know 99.9% that they aren't some threat, and you do love them (you've grown really close), can a relationship that was built Online work?

"I've known him for three years and these past seven months, we've gotten really close and we both believe we're in love. We want to meet in a few years, and we've bonded so much. I truly do love him, we've actually seen each other, and we've talked. And, he isn't replaceable. I don't doubt that we're going to meet, but I just wanted to ask (for giggles and curiosity on other's opinions) can it work?"
Asked Aug 01, 2013
it can....mine worked but it will be difficult especially time zone differences. answer mine?
Answered Aug 01, 2013
While technology has helped people stay in touch and it is a great way enhance a relationship, it is hard for me to understand how you can say they are "in love" with someone you've never met in person. Love in a relationship is so much about "do." It's helping each other through life. She fixes his car. He makes her favorite meal. Relationship love is all of the things they've done together that add up to becoming integral parts of each others lives. That just doesn't happen over the web.

I have a classy female friend that spent a year communicating with a guy via email and she thought it was real love. When she finally met him in person, she learned that he dressed like a slob and when he laughed, he made little snorting noises like a piglet. It was a very disappointing experience for her.

I think social media is great to continue relationships but wouldn't call one love until you've met the real person up close and personal and given them the snort test. :-)
Answered Aug 01, 2013
Edited Aug 01, 2013

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