After shaving vagina problems?

I'm 13 going onto 14 and I just recently started to shave my vagina... But after I shaved my vagina it started to itch any ideas ln how to soothe the itching?
Asked Jul 29, 2013
When I started shaving mine which was about the same age you are it always itched at first. I started shaving mine more often so that the hair didn't get as long. When the hair starts to return and get longer that can make it really itchy and irritated. Also, its just something your body has to get used too. I had that irritating feeling for awhile but then after a few months of shaving it everyday my body became use to it and it no longer hurt or bothered me. Also, lotion couldn't hurt.
Answered Jul 31, 2013
Had the same problem. Just put moisturiser or lotion as soon as you've finished showering for the time it normally gets itchy and it should be fine. Worked for me!
Answered Aug 03, 2013
its because u have an irritaded skin its pretty normal
and for the itchy skin after wards its because ur hairs are growing
but dont mind it girl ur clean believe me

hope I helped - domino
Answered Aug 03, 2013
I had that, and now I shave regularly and I am used to it.
Answered Aug 13, 2013
this is normal. please don't worry about that. if you want far away from itching, please shave it before it return.
Answered Aug 22, 2013
It will itch because of the new pubic hair pushing through. Buy some moisturiser and apply it when you get out of the bath because that is when your skin is more vulnerable to soaking up liquids. This not only helps the itchiness but makes it less painful for the future.
Answered Oct 31, 2013
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Answered Jan 14, 2020

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