How to let my dad let me go on holiday!

My friend wants me to go on holoday with her not very far its qite nearhe seems ok about it but mot sure it cos I kinda broke his trust me and a few friends went to town and sprayed our other friends her red in our bathroom me and the girl I want to do on holiday with and we're not really going away until next week in cornwall for a day notmuch an I realy want to have fun so how can I comvince him im gunna give him a few days to think aabout it!
Asked Jul 28, 2013
Young people buy their freedom with responsibility and pay for their irresponsibility with their freedom. So, if you want more freedom, what's the answer?
Answered Jul 28, 2013
Be responsible??
beth456 Jul 28, 2013
Exactly. Once your parents have confidence that you can function on your own as an adult, you can go anywhere you want.
Rob Jul 28, 2013
Thanks :D :D
beth456 Jul 28, 2013

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