Can I remove my computers memory then restor my computer back to its original state

can I remove my computers memory then restore my computer back to its original state thus removing any unwanted viruses and saving my programs
Asked Jul 25, 2013
(PS YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR DATA DOING THIS),(the only way you can save your programmes if you back them up before you wipe your pc, you can always download an antivirus but to be 100% safe of virus's you need to wipe your pcs memory)
if you want to restore a computer back to its original state as it Factory reset you have to wipe the systems memory the easiest way to do this re-install your windows xp,vista,7,8 via the installation cd which you got when you first got your pc, if you dont have a copy you can buy them online and they will get mailed to your home,upon receiving your cd you get to a stage when it asks you if you want to restore to custom installation doing this allows you to completely wipe your hard drive and then re-install windows back onto your computer
Answered Jul 26, 2013
just wanted to know if I can take out my memory cards in my computer then restore it back to its original state.
glesia Jul 30, 2013
Don't erase all of the data from your hard drive. If you are running Windows XP or later, use System Restore to roll it back to the last date it was operating properly. If you need directions, do a Google search for "System Restore" plus the operating system you're running like, "System Restore Win XP" or "System Restore Win 7"
Answered Jul 26, 2013
Edited Jul 26, 2013
my restore doesn't go back far enough. the dates don't go back 2 years or so. I have so many problems and the best way to do it is to restore back to its original state...
glesia Jul 30, 2013
I would not recommend you to do this your self you should take help from professional. You can go to Askpctechies. They provide good services.
Answered Dec 22, 2015
It is possible as new files may or may not use the space of deleted files. You will not know until you run a data recovery software to scan memory card and restore deleted files. Recommended Sisytech as it helped me before.
Answered Apr 27, 2016

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