What are the best wireless headphones/earbuds with the most sound leakage?

This may sound weird but I am looking for the best wireless headphones/earbuds with the most sound leakage for use in a play. We need the audience to think that the headphones are turned up super loud without blasting the actors ears out.The ideal pair will be sweat proof. Price does not matter.Thanks
Asked Jul 25, 2013
Here's a roundup of best current wireless earbuds.

Answered Jul 23, 2017
Edited Jul 23, 2017
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Answered Mar 05, 2018
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Virya price koto
Active noise canceling works slightly differently, it uses a microphone to record all low frequency noise, like the humming of a plane or helicopter engine (active noise canceling was first developed for helicopter pilots) and then sends the opposite sound to your ears through headphones to “cancel” it. This is a greatly simplified explanation. In the end, it usually cancels around 15 dB of noise
Answered Mar 05, 2018
Technology innovates upon itself nearly every single day. A technology that you grew up with two, three, four or more decades ago probably either doesn't exist anymore or has been improved upon drastically.

Take headphones for example.

Years ago, the only option was traditional wired on- or over-ear cans. But as technology improved, earbuds hit the market and soon the biggest names in audio weaved wireless Bluetooth tech into their most popular products.

These days Bluetooth wireless technology has improved to allow audio to be transmitted in Hi-Res, and batteries have improved to allow you to get several days of use out of a pair of headphones without needing to charge them.

We've entered the golden era of wireless technology.
Answered Mar 05, 2018
A pair of noise cancelling earbuds is a pair of shoes for me. Both need to be flawless, comfortable, fit and fatigue-free of using for hours. Listening to music through earbuds is medicine for the mind. more details at: https://unitedtechguys.com/best-noise-cancelling-earbuds/
Answered Jan 26, 2019
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Answered Aug 07, 2019

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