Why did those whites think the Slave Codes were necessary?

The Slave Codes were put in place by whites in positions of power in order to control African American slaves.
Asked Jul 25, 2013
To the whites in control, the slaves were considered property like real estate. The slave codes provided separate laws that applied to slaves than free members of the population in order to maintain the system. For example a slave owner could kill or rape a slave without any legal recourse. Slaves could not own guns. Children fathered by whites became slaves if their mother was a slave but children fathered by slaves with a white mother were free under the slave codes.

The whites in control thought the slave codes were necessary to control what they considered to be their property.
Answered Jul 25, 2013
Edited Jul 25, 2013
Because white people were (and some still are) evil
Answered Sep 01, 2013
There is no word that can be used to describe ALL people of any race. During the tragic period of history where slavery was legal, there were still many white people that opposed it and 364,000 whites died in the Union Army during the Civil war fighting to free the slaves.
Rob Sep 02, 2013

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