How I see love (romantic love not like family/friendship love)

I love to be in love n kiss n all tht stuff n I like tht my parents r in love. But anyone else being in love just irritates n deeply annoys to the point of even angering me. Especially sex, when ppl r not married but they supposedly "love someone so much they just gotta do it" then it really sets it off when they're so scared they'll have a kid. I'm jus ready at tht point to choke em to death. Cuz its FUCKING irritating as fuck. N when I see other ppl kiss I jus strongly dislike it. I jus don't really like other ppl's romance but I like mines. So is it bad? N y is it? And y do I think tht way? Cuz its not in purpose.
Asked Jul 21, 2013
Thx everybody for the answers. Ion kno its maybe cuz I'm confused about my relationship right now n to see everyone else enjoyin there's wit no insecurity might bug me. But it did before I was romantically involved. I'm still a lil new to this type if stuff. I jus never liked seein other ppl do this or hear of others doin this. But I guess its a lil selfish. I jus never have liked it.
Excessive public displays of affection really annoy me as well. I don't think it's appropriate behavior. You aren't the only one who gets annoyed with people who get wrapped up in silly infatuation or who rush into sex without first making sure that they understand how to try to protect themselves from STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Yeah... I think it's all pretty aggravating... but try to have compassion for people who you think make poor choices. That helps soften your heart a bit so you don't get so angry. (Remember, your anger hurts you more than anyone else.) And if you have friends who act like this, maybe try to develop friendships with other people.

Answered Jul 21, 2013
I agree with Sky and pretty much everything you said. The only thing that struck me from your question was when you said that you enjoy kissing and whatnot, but dont like other people doing it. Correct me if I misunderstand you here, but to me, that just sounded bit selfish. Like sky said, try to have commpassion, and understand that they enjoy it just as much as you do. Just my 10 cents :>
Answered Jul 21, 2013
I think the same way it cos u proberbly want to be loved or to love so much it makes u sick
Answered Jul 21, 2013
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