I need help with this girl I've been seeing

I need help with this girl I've been seeing..
We've gone out a few times, I feel as it has went well everytime but then I thought I lost her intrest, but yesterday she asked me if I wanted to go out before she goes on her trip, I said yea for sure what time of day would you like to go she said she wasn't sure, and she would let me know later today, that was yesterday now its today and I still haven't heard from her. Do I send her a text to follow up with her if she still wants to go? or should I just wait and let her text me. I dont want to seem to needy Please help..
Asked Jul 18, 2013
Yes please take the effort to take charge. Women love a man who can take charge. She said she wasn't sure about the time because she wants you to decide. A woman usually thinks if you don't ask her or take enough charge to make plans, make phone calls, or text; she'll think you're not that interested. Women are naturally taught that men should be the ones to make all the plans. She is obviously into you. The day a woman doesn't agree to hang out with you more than a few times then back off.
Answered Jul 18, 2013
Edited Jul 18, 2013

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