Shaving my head for charity, but.

I want to shave my head in honour if a 13 year old girl who recently lost her battle with cancer, she was fighting two forms, and I want to raise money to send to her favorite cancer charity, but I want to know if I shaved my head would wearing a wig for college (im doing hair and beauty), would that be wrong?
Asked Jul 18, 2013
No you are doing a great thing and if you want to wear a wig wear one but Mabey try to get one your natural couler and about the same length
Answered Jul 26, 2013
Thats a great thing, but be proud of yourself if you have the guts to do this and dont be afraid to not wear a wig. Is it in rememberance of Talia?
Answered Jul 26, 2013
It would be an awesome and totally fine thing to do!! I know who you're talking about. Talia Castellano.
Answered Jul 26, 2013

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