Im not sure if she loves me the way I love her?

She is my friend since sophomore high school but now we are both graduated college from the past year but still good friends.She had a girlfriend the time that I met her because I talked to her (okay Im a closed minded Christian before)then they broke up after a year she got a boyfriend because she tried to be straight and then that guy cheated on her,its been 2 years but she's still single.That time I slowly realized that I love her more than friend but I am the reason why she's straight now,well Im not sure if she didnt like girls now. I tried to confessed to her I said that I am maybe a gay and Im not sure about my identity and her reaction is a big what,she ask me many question like how it all started and If Im really sure about it.I felt that she didnt want me to be like this.So at the end of conversation I laughed and said that I was kidding.I really want to know If she love me the way I love her but Im afraid to ask her because of friendship that I have with her.
Asked Jul 17, 2013
i think if you are good friends, she will take it fine and answer it , if not why not ask another friend to ask her what she thinks about you and if she would ever go out with you, if you dont want to make it obvious why not play a truth/dare game and make another friend ask her, would you ever go out with .....?
Answered Jul 26, 2013

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