Please, I really need help for a CT scan question

which is the highest level of kilovoltage kV and mAs a ct scan machine has? and if during a ct exam the levels were high, does the patient have symptoms?
which level of kV rise more the risk for cancer?
please, i'm really worried
Asked Jul 16, 2013
A CT scan is based on x-ray technology. Your body doesn't absorb the voltage. The KV (Kilovolt) level it is set to depends on the density of the matter it has to penetrate. This technology has been around for a long time, relax
Answered Jul 16, 2013
@Rob: thank you very very much for your answer. Sorry if i'm boring you.
Please if you find any information that has to do with accidentally high kV and mAs used during a routine CT exam, write to me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks again.
help1 Jul 16, 2013
Radiation settings on CT scanners are by default set for average size adults. If a patient is larger or smaller in size, as a child for example, the radiation settings are adjusted proportionally. The settings should be part of the records made with each individual scan. To evaluate what would be "accidentally" too high would require statistics on the patient's size and the settings for the scan, interpreted by a person qualified in the field of radiology.
Rob Jul 16, 2013

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