What can I do to keep my hair from changing while sleeping?

Ok so Im a african american 13 year old boy. And I have a pretty big afro with long hair. And I slick my hair back with gel. But when I wake up from sleeping my hair is all matted down on the sides and back and leaves the top looking like a mohawk. So what can I do or wear to keep my hair in the style I had it before I went to bed?
Asked Jul 14, 2013
sorry dude im not good with hair
When I had an afro I used to separate my hair into 4 or 5 braids, then wrap it in a scarf.

I'm not sure what you're describing with the gel... If you totally don't want the sides flattened by the weight of your head, then you'd have to sleep sitting up...
Answered Jul 14, 2013

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