I have a painting by a.w ross and would like to know if it is of any value?

It is a lake scene with tree's and two birds airborne. It is also signed in white A.W.Ross. in the bottom left corner or go to this link for an image http://tinypic.com/r/mragyg/5 Thanks!
Asked Jul 13, 2013
Edited Jul 13, 2013
We too have several paintings by the same artist, the artist seemed to live out of a large caravan and travel around we seem to think we bought the paintings in the mid eighties. If you get anywhere with the valuation we would be interested to know.
Answered Jul 28, 2013
I have a painting by A.W.Ross also and it is very similar to Michael Whelan's front cover for a Michael Moorcock book called the Ice Schooner. It's a beautiful oil painting with a white and gold frame. I would really also like to know who this artist is and whether this painting is of any value either. I also picked this up in the early nineties.
Hi I also have one,it's which I purchased mid eighties in Grt Yarmouth I watched him paint it over a couple weeks and I said that looks like Chorleywood common in hertfordshireb and he said it is he lived there too some years earlier. A nice painting and a nice man how much is it worth ????
Answered Aug 19, 2014
Edited Aug 19, 2014
We also have 2 of his paintings. One is a viking ship on rough seas with pink skies. We picked the colours of the shields down the ship. The other one is yellows and greens. Its a cottage in fields with a river running thru. We stood and watched him paint an airfield with spitfire, hurrican and harrier jump jet. We stood for hours watching him. I believe the shop was in hemsby. It was around 1988 to 1990
A W Ross is my grandad I remember visiting the shop in great yarmouth when I was a kid
Answered Apr 04, 2015
Forgive me for asking but is he still alive and does he still paint xx
Hi, sardot63
I'm afraid He passed in 2012 he was attacked on Christmas day 2010 and left for dead by a lady he was trying to help he never fully recovered from the attack and died about 16 months later
His paintings sell for between £ 50 - £180 depending on size and subject matter . They are slowly increasing in value , he is quite popular for a local artist I hope this helps
Answered Sep 27, 2019
My Parents have over 10 of his paintings all over thair house. . Brought them when he was pitched for a period of time in Jaywick, Tower Caravan Park (as it was called then). Some of them he painted to order for my partents. I remember as a lad watching Alan paint for hours. I am early 50's now. He was a really nice chap. Hi daughter also had a burger type van in the vacinity. Sarah Jane was her name if my memory servers me.
Answered Sep 20, 2021
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