Is it possible to be in love with more than one person at once?

I know this sounds like a stupid question but like can u be in love with more than one person than once ?
I know you can love more then one person , I'm just curious .
Asked Jul 06, 2013
I've never been in love with two people, not that I know of. But my former best friend (Melody) was dating a boy for like 4 years, starting right before her 6th grade year. In 6th grade, she made good friends with a guy whom I'd known my 6th grade year, he had failed his 6th grade year and now was Melody's friend. Melody fell in love with him slower than with her boyfriend, but eventually she came to understand her love for him, but she was very confused and hurt. In the end, she let him go and kept her own boyfriend, which ended a year later anyways. But in the end, I've made a life-long relationship, and now have a wonderful boyfriend, tat's right, the one I had originally met in 6th grade, before Melody did. She got us together and we are still true. Melody's found another guy or her. So yes, you can love two people at one time, I saw my best friend cry night after night, and if you can stop it before it gets too bad then go for it!
Answered Jul 08, 2013

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