Help! My face is having unusual skin issues.

I am having white heads on my cheek and forehead.Some dark colored spots are covering all my face. I also have pimples on my chin; my face is quite oily. This make my face to appear darker than rest of my skin. How to get rid of all these and get clear, flawless skin? Please suggest me any thing home remedy, products, etc. that would address my problem without having any side-effects.
Note: I have combination skin type it is dry and oily.
Asked Jul 05, 2013
Edited Jul 05, 2013
you should just wash your face every chance you get, maybe twice a day
Answered Jul 06, 2013
Hi, don't worry I also have acné and a bad skin and I know how depressing it can be. My skin is very dry so quite the opposite of yours, go to the pharmacy or even doctor and ask for advice, but be sure not to dehydrate you skin to much which can lead to acné like mine caused by extremely dry skin.first watch out that what you have is acné and not eczema or something so just seek advice by the doctor, don't be ashamed like I used to be they can help you and they won't look weird it is NORMAL for you to ask help because this kind of problems have VERE SERIOUS EMOTIONAL CONSEQUENCES. don't wait and go see a doctor or pharmacist to talk about it. I wish you good luck and hope you find a solution unlike me :)
Answered Aug 25, 2013
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Answered Feb 21, 2015
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Answered Mar 24, 2015
As you stated, your face has already begun to cover in rashes. It may lead to other facial skin problems for you. Follow a skin care regime. Wash your face with face-wash that suits your skin. Do not go for any skin care products without consulting a skin care expert. Just pay a visit to expert dermatologist. If you need more information regarding consultation and diagnosis, you may visit:
Answered Jul 19, 2018
Use best Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Issus. I would suggest Ayurveda is the best solution to get rid of skin Problem.
Answered Jul 20, 2018

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