What are CRM and PRM?explain CRM and PRM future and function

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Asked Jun 28, 2013

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CRM and PRM are both strategies delivered and implemented in a business's management through software tools for sales process automatization. CRM is appropriate for companies which make direct sales, while PRM is used by companies which rely more on partner channels for reaching the end consumer.

The future of CRM is in finding the best ways to reach your new customers, which means social media and mobile apps.

CRM - http://www.webcrm.com/uk/
PRM - http://www.logicbay.com/
Answered Sep 23, 2013
Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a software that covers a broad set of applications and software designed to help businesses manage customer data and customer interaction, automate sales, marketing and customer support.Partner relationship management (PRM) is a system of strategies, software, and web-based capabilities that help a vendor to manage partner relationships.CRM include automation of the upstream and the downstream sales and marketing processes. PRM is essential for those companies that depend on third parties to sell their products and services.
Answered Jan 30, 2017

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