18 year old boy wana date 15 year old girl?

I'm 18 and I wana date a 15 year old girl. is it right or wrong. we both christian and obviously like each other. I've been in a relationship with someone my own age but we broke up & now she's dating a guys who's 3 years older then her... which made me think... a girl my age might like guys who are a few years older & a younger girl might prefer someone who's a few years older #JustSaying. like Ashton and Mila Kunaz and some other people out there.
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Asked Jun 27, 2013
Edited Jun 27, 2013
No there is nothing wrong with that! Don't listen to what they say that's their saying in it! I'm 11 and I want to date Hayes Grier, Nash Grier, Taylor Caniff, Carter Reynolds, Matthew Espinosa, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Aaron Carpenter, and CAMERON DALLAS

Answered Aug 30, 2014
i think you both being christian you both should follow the lord untill shes 18, just stay really close date for awhile. Not boyfriend and girlfriend date take her out and focus on school and the Lord if you stay close the feelings shouldnt change Lables are not everything. you can make a commitment to each other that you too are just waiting for her to be 18 or at least 16 descuse it with her parents that your intentions are pure and innocent you dont intend on being harmfull in any way. you know?

Unless you plan on having intercourse there is nothing wrong with her age.

I Would recomend you asking her parents first.

Hope that helped!
Answered Oct 07, 2014
there's nothing wrong with dating someone out side of your age group. im 16 and my fiance is 35. age is only a number and it doesn't matter what other people think.
Answered Jun 27, 2013

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