HELPPPP . tipes about losing your virginity

I'm about to lose my virginity to someobe I've been with for a year I really love him and he's not a virgin but I am I have been fingered and gave a blowjob but I really need tips on losing your virginity I have no idea what to expect and I know to use a condom but I'm very scared of getting pregnant and he says he knows how dput on condoms but I want to know if it works for you please help I really need your advice no parents can help me and I have nothing the condom to you use.
Asked Jun 27, 2013
You could try two condone that useually works so if one breaks the other one shouldn't
Answered Jun 28, 2013
You should never use two condoms at the same time :|
The friction between the two condoms would cause them to tear.

I would suggest that you use a well known brand of latex condom, they aren't likey to break, and if you are really scared of getting pregnant, take the pill too. ^^

Also, you don't have to have sex if you don't want to, or feel you aren't ready. Keep that in mind.
I hope I helped.
Answered Jun 28, 2013

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