Losing your virginity young and protection

I want a honest answer. I'm young and I know I shouldent give it up to someone yet but I really like him and I know its worth it does condoms work because that's the only thing I can use and can get since I'm young and I really want to know if losing your virginity really hurts and if using just a condom ok? Please don't tell me not to do it cuz ik I will anyway and I just want to know the honest truth if a condom will most likely work against pregnancy cause that's the only thing I'm really worried about
Asked Jun 27, 2013
Yes. A condom will just be good enough. Just make sure it does break or have any holes in it and it needs to be put on correctly. And yes, it hurts because he has to break your "cherry" but it's not that bad :)
Answered Jun 27, 2013
Yeah, condoms are fine. Just be sure that there is no way it can have holes in... I've gotten some from shops that have been stapled... Silly right!
And I lost my virginity very young too. 5 years later and I'm still with the guy. But it doesn't hurt that bad, just a slight sting I guess but it goes away within a couple of seconds.
Answered Jun 27, 2013
Yes... a condom will work. But make sure you use one EVERY time. And get your boyfriend to use an antibacterial penis health creme as well. A creme like this will keep his penis extra clean and limit the amount of bacteria he can pass to you during condom-less sex acts like oral etc. This bacteria can cause all sorts of problems that you want no part of... trust me. Check these cremes out. I use one and my girlfriend really appreciates it.
Answered Jun 06, 2017

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