I can't download files OR open Internet Explorer Browser.

First off, whenever I try to download ANY file (Pictures, documents, games, etc. etc.), it says "Failed - Blocked" and shows a picture of the windows sign and what I'm thinking is a hard drive. (Please note, that I'm using Google Chrome right now) AND PLUS, a few weeks ago, I tried opening Windows Explorer billions of times, and it would make the loading sign, but then it wouldn't open. So when I went to the file, it said that Internet Explorer didn't exist, and now it's deleted off of my computer. So now that Internet Explorer doesn't work, there is no way for me to do certain things, and if I want to change the security settings on my computer to make sure that I'll be able to download things without it saying that it's blocked, I need Internet Explorer which is gone. THIS IS A HORRIBLE SITUATION, I'M TELLING YOU. I have no idea what to do! Please help me. :( -Ps., I have changed the proxy settings like the IP address and port because I was IP banned on a website, I've changed it back every time but do you think that this has something to do with it?-
Asked Jun 26, 2013

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