How do I become better at cooking?

I am 12 years now, and I have thought a long time what I wanted to be when I was big. I made up my mind, I decided that I want to become a chef. But I am not good at cooking, I mostly burn everything I make...
Any advices to get me more experienced at cooking?
Asked Jun 26, 2013
The best piece of advice I can give you is the well known phrase "practice makes perfect". It took me a very long time to learn to cook properly without burning or undercooking things, when you cook, I find, that putting your own little twists on things instead of directly following instructions helps to develop your own character as a chef or cook. Cooking is something that comes with experience, confidence and practice. I do hope I've helped, good luck with your cooking. :)
Answered Jun 26, 2013
Edited Jun 26, 2013
I agree "practice makes perfect" ... or at least "better."

Check YouTube for videos by Jamie Oliver. He's a well-known British chef who does is really interested in training teen chefs. He has some interesting videos on things like knife skills from workshops he's done with teens.
Answered Jun 26, 2013
Put a timer on the oven...? Or turn the heat down
Answered Jun 26, 2013
Answered Jul 01, 2013
Practice makes you perfect just remember that anything you want to learn just practice one or two hours daily after some time you will be an expert in cooking.


Answered Feb 14, 2014
first you should list out recipes which you have to try. There are many sites in internet which helps you . e.g. Asian Inspirations . I got few nice recipe which I like most.
Answered Jun 17, 2014
Edited Jun 17, 2014
First I should know the recipes which you have to try .And also there are many sites in internet to help us and . I got many recipes from the internet and they have given very nice information that how to cook food .
Answered Aug 04, 2014
Practice easy stuff
Answered Jun 21, 2015
By practice.
Answered Jul 19, 2016
If you want to learn cocking and looking for vegan cooking course.So here is the best place to take cooking course.Pachavega Living Foods Education is the place where you can take vegan cooking course.
Answered Jan 03, 2018
If I were you, I would try learning by myself at home. Actually when I started cooking I took help from my sister and mom. And for perfection and new tasty dishes I started using some websites. I came across a lot of sites but Living Foodz is the one I found so efficient. You can also become better by brushing up your skills with this website on some good recipes.
Answered Jul 04, 2018
Same here, love cooking at home though. I think you should practice more. Practice make perfect though.
Most of the times I just follow the recipe on my cooking apknite app, practice my favourite dishes, it’s really useful. Great to share the same interest.
Answered Feb 26, 2019
I would say both are good at their end, being a foodie you should have varieties and change in taste. I prefer Indian food and I would love all the dishes like samosa recipe, dhokla recipe, pulao recipe and many more. I learned most of the recipe from Living Foodz, they always come with fusion variations.
Answered Mar 11, 2019

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