Why all 12 and 13 years old boys, are asking about their dicks?

I read once and again all 12 and 13 years old boys asking about size, and if is ok or if is not, and sometimes they have a really big tool!, is just they want people to said is big, or they really dont know?
and also, why is so important to know?
Asked Jun 22, 2013
I suspect some of the posts in those questions are from pedophiles. The questions are being re-activated in the list when no answers and comments have been added. Why? It wouldn't surprised me if some aren't being investigated in that respect right now.

When people are immature they often have the wrong idea about what's important. They think if they're small it's like OMG, I'm abnormal and no woman will ever want me. The stupid part of it is, they have no ability to change the size of their penis. What they do have the ability to change is their brain and the ones that work on that will learn that you can get a lot more women with a fat wallet than you can with a fat dick. :-)

Answered Jun 22, 2013
More energy should be invested in other pursuits. Do sports, go out, eat healthy....just live!!
Answered Oct 20, 2017

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