What should I do when my girl friend kept her hand on my penis?

I'm a boy of 15. I had went to my girl friend's house. When we are talking she slowly came near me and sat next to me. She immediately asked me, "Do you know about sex?". I didn't understood why she was asking. She kept her hand on my penis and said that she loves. I immediately stood up and said to her that I just thinks her as my friend. Why she did like that?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jun 21, 2013
If she's your girlfriend, then she may want to take it a step further, but if you feel uncomfortable, tell her. If she's a friend that's a girl, she may have had a misunderstanding about your actions.
Answered Jun 24, 2013
Sounds like she likes you. If you are into her too... let her keep her hand there. Who knows where things could go from there. But make sure your penis is clean and smooth or you can gross her out and end any possibility of sex in the future. So use a penis health creme once a day. These are made just for guys and keep the penis extra clean, moisturized, smooth and irritation-free. I use one and it makes a huge difference. The girls love it and I am really confident now. Hope this helps.
Answered May 25, 2017

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