My brothers getting married and I dont think its good.

I am 16 and my older brother is getting married. His soon to be wife and family is very wicked... In a very bad way. she has how to put this played around with other guys when my brother went in the army. We are pretty sure she was pregnant too. We thought that they would break up but one day my mom got a text saying I am getting married next month. He didn't even call. This marriage is literally tearing apart my family. I don't say anything cause its always just oh Joseph said it, Its only nonsense. So I cant do any thing. It already was hurt when my oldest brother moved out and will never talk to us unless we need something. But this is just destroying us. I need help on what to do. Its to late to keep him from getting married though. I just want to know what to do.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jun 21, 2013
Nobody likes to see their siblings make a mistake but the choice of who your brother marries is his choice, not yours. The best you can do is support him and his new wife in the hope that his marriage will survive. What every you do, don't create any conflicts that will make the situation worse.
Answered Jun 21, 2013

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