Please, anybody know how to stop suicidal thoughts I get them every single day without fail?

I've been depressed for about 15 years and also suffer from social anxiety disorder. I think about suicide and ending it all on a daily basis. I see a therapist and im getting treated for the depression and anxiety but it all seems like a lost cause. I have daydreams and fantasies of ways of killing myself, I dont want to do it but cannot get it out of my starting to think that suicide is the only way to stop these thoughts and as each day passes I lean more towards going through with it. Please can someone offer a solution to get rid of these awful thoughts, and if the only solution is suicide then please what is the quickest way? Thanks
Asked Jun 20, 2013
Listen, you need to distract yourself. Find a program with other kids and get fully involved making it your main purpose in life. This will keep you going! Also if you don't already get a pet (dog, cat) and tell it your problems. Hope this helps!
Answered Jun 20, 2013

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