Is ther life after death?

hey guys,,, hmmm.. normally im not that interested in this topic...but this days ive been thinkin' only this: what happens after death or more clearly : is there life after death ? im really obssesed with this,,,cause I don't know
im gonna die when i'll be around 50 cuz I have a heart disease,,,and my brother died from this when he was just 6 years,,and idk,,i wanna meet him after death,,but idk if this can happen,,,i know its an non concensual question and it may look sound stupid but every comment will help me to clear my mind...i'd really appriciate it :)
Asked Jun 20, 2013
So far, nobody has survived death in good enough condition to describe what happened afterward. :-)
Answered Jul 25, 2013
Edited Jul 25, 2013
That is true! :)
ashdb Aug 27, 2013
You can be certain, but the most logical, and the answer that makes the most sense, is that there is not. After you die, you're body shuts down, you decompose and become nothing but remains. That's what I know.
Answered Jul 24, 2013
I'll let you know the next time I hang myself.
Answered Aug 27, 2013
that afterward when we left from this world and there is a system of God whom I think u might not have idea yet now as per ur Question are concern ,and I would suggest that friend what we are doing that is all going into a book of complete which would be available for ur reference there afterward and like a video the sin we have done would be play to us where we would not be able to refuse then try to get into all religious about it ,specially ISLAM
Answered Aug 27, 2013
Well no one can really answer this question for sure; for a guess, it depends what the religion of the person you ask is. As a Christian I believe the answer is yes, but I don't know if it helps because I do not know your religion :)
Answered Aug 28, 2013
Edited Aug 28, 2013
Many people have lost someone in death and it is every painful. It causes us to wonder if we will see them again. But death is the necessarily the end of everything. The bible often compares death to sleep. One example is Psalm 13:3- "Look upon me and answer me, O Jehovah my God. Give light to my eyes, so that I may not fall asleep in death." Another example is Acts 7:60- "Then, kneeling down, he cried out with a strong voice:'Jehovah, do not charge this sin against them .' And after saying this, he fell asleep in death." A person fast asleep is unaware of what is happening around them. Ecclesiastes 9:5 lets us know that the dead are not conscious of anything. The bible teaches that God can awaken dead as if from sleep and give them life again. (Job 14:13-15) The bible also tells us at Revelation 21:4 that death will be no more. When it comes to your mother and your brother you do have the hope of seeing them again. A wonderful website that answer so many more questions about death and from the bible is You can look up all those scriptures and if you do not have a bible you can download one for free on that site.
Answered Dec 26, 2013

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