Why do I hate women?

I ask this because im sick of these men drooling over women with big butts/breast. Im starting to hate women. they run their mouth too much, they have heat sweats so you cant be comfortable in your on house, especially if you're skinny like me. Their the blame for sin, (EVE, thats why we rule over them in the bible/world) but they have the nerve to point fingers at men and call us the most evil thing in the world, because we commit most of the crimes in the world, like killing, child molestation, etc They just mad because a lot of men find little boys more beautiful than them. I think women are ugly overall, thats why they need makeup, and hair dye, etc Women think they all that until they start getting old, then they wake up, but its too late, they grow old alone in their miserable life!!! thats what they get for whoring around their whole life. But they wonder why men rape little girls, its because they want a pure tight virgin, not a whore like most these grown women are in America. They are so weak, they let men run over them, they let step dads molest their kids. If you ask me women are the blame for all these black boys doing all this killing in America, if these black women wont whores, we wouldnt have so many fatherless kids killing each other. Whats sad is when the black women have 5 baby daddys, they dont learn a lesson, they keep going.

Women private areas leave disgusting smells in the bathroom, they are greedy for money and food, they cry over everything, they nag nag nag, especially the black women. We sing better than them, little boys!!! sing 100times better than little girls. They are dumb compared to most men, thats why we dominate in science and math. They're are no fun, they dont like action/sci fi movies, they dont play videos games, they're not big kids like us, we enjoy life. We like entertainment, like tv, gas remote control cars, boats, helicopters, etc They dont know how to work on cars. we drive better than them, they are scared of most bugs. They have too many emotional/self esteem problems. They want to be men (gay ones) thats why they try to be cops, firemen etc I hate women in uniform, why dont they sit their butts down after they make us some food and stop trying to be a freaking man. If you a woman with ugly feet, please stop showing them, just because we men like feet dont mean we like yours, I like really really cute feet. Im going to end this by saying that if I didnt have a daughter that I care so much for, I would hate women, even though I really want a son now, little boys are adorable and they are much more fun than girls, they have more toys.
Asked Jun 18, 2013
Of all of your long list of issues you describe above, not one applies to all women nor anywhere close to the majority of women and your attitude is shared by only the tiniest percentage of men. Is this question really about women or a personal problem of yours?
Answered Jun 18, 2013
Edited Jun 18, 2013

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