Who wants to have sex I am 14?

Anyone I am desperate
Asked Jun 16, 2013
u got a problem m8, a huge problemo
anon99 Aug 25, 2013
I will kik me bdog677776
What state u live in
I have a 8inch cock
You say this to the world!?
Going onto the internet saying this at 14 Is wrong? Go hang out with you're mates :D plenty of time for that in the future ! And when you want to have sex you don't go on the internet? What if you met up with someone who pretended to be a girl age 14 but turned out to be a man aged 40 and a RAPIST? Don't go on the internet for sex never give out ur number to anyone you don't know what's on the other side of the computerscreaann! Please stop this nonesense?
Answered Jul 08, 2013
probs not the best place to try get some one to have sex with you it will happen when its ment to happen ya no .
Answered Jun 16, 2013
Answered Jun 16, 2013
Don't do that. U may think it's easy fun, but the person u meet may be a creep who's lying about their age. And, do u really think it's safe to tell them your address??
Answered Jun 16, 2013
Edited Jun 16, 2013
is that pewds
yes that's pewdiepie
well first you need to tell us your gender and 2nd why would you ask ppl on a q and a site
Answered Jul 17, 2013
I do!!!
Answered Aug 26, 2013
Rawr ;) Hey, sexy.
Are you a boy or a girl? Please answer.
Answered Oct 15, 2013
If you're encouraging this, don't.
jord23 Apr 15, 2014
No. I'm asuming ricky is a guy's name. I' m pretty sure i'm not gay
Answered Oct 25, 2013
First, in most places, 14 is underage.
Second, this is most certainly not the best place for this.
Third, there are things you may want to focus on before sex
Fourth, if you're trolling, don't.
Answered Dec 17, 2013
yeah... true... if u relly want to have sex... then, go to yo bros. ok? probs doesnt help... :p
Answered Dec 17, 2013
plz answer my question guyz http://www.ehelp.com/questions/10469794/my-girlfriend-hates-me-now-what-do-i-do-to-get-her-back and http://www.ehelp.com/questions/10469788/my-girlfriend-hates-me-now-what-do-i-do-to-get-her-back
Answered Dec 18, 2013
You are such a friggin idiot! There are weird people out here! Don't go around asking for sex. Ever heard of MURDER? Or RAPE? Or STDs? And I'm guessing you don't want to be prego at fourteen, am I right? No hate, but really, you will regret this.
Answered Dec 28, 2013
please don't go asking for sex, you are only 14. there are a lot of creeps out there. wait until you are older and then have sex with someone you love
Answered Jan 11, 2014
Edited Jan 11, 2014
Don't do it now do it when u are older. My best friend did it when she was 13 and now she 14 and has a baby on the way
Answered Jan 18, 2014
Yah it's dangerous put you stuff on inter web
Answered Jan 18, 2014
are u a boy or girl
Answered Apr 14, 2014
What the fuck? Ur a fucking dumb ass. One ur 14. Two that is a terrible idea to fucking ask people if they wanna have sex with some immature ass idiotic shit head thats 14.plus thats not what this site is for and u r wasting other peoples time. So shut the fuck up.
Answered Apr 15, 2014
You are 14 years old and should be focusing on developing a relationship with God and Christ. What's is wrong with you? Besides, sex is so much better when you love and are married to someone.
Answered Apr 30, 2014
No and that's weird your 14. If your so desperate ask someone you know. As a brazilian I love sex but wait till your ready.
Answered Jul 28, 2017
cummere bb
Answered Apr 17, 2014

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