About Telepathy (Sending your love to a girl without her knowledge)?

Hey, I am wondering how I can send my love or feelings about her so she know my feelings which I don't want anyone else to hear, is it possible to do this without her knowledge? If so can you describe how to do an telepathy? im really noob on this kind of things but I must do this!

And I got some several questions which I wanna know if possible

1) Is it possible that the person you do telepathy to, knows that it is you and that you love her or send her an short message?

2) Does the telepathy receiver also the person I want to do, needs skills or knowledge about telepathy?

3) What she/he will feel like after an telepathy has done?

4) How can I practice to develop the telepathy technique for better stronger telepathy?

5) If I am on China example, and she is in Sweden, can I still send same strong feelings of my feelings and love or message to her?

6) How will she feel like after an successfull of telepathy?

7) How will I know that she got my telepathy?

Waiting for answers! This is my first love ever daamn I must do this.

Can't think her out, I liked to do other things but now, im unhappy I dont know why it feels like I wont see her anymore in my life in a very near future, it hurts and the damage that this causes is an never experienced things ive done before and so on, so knew I that I was sick of the love. My age is 15 btw. Thanks!
Asked Jun 14, 2013
In order for telepathy to be accepted as a science, it must be repeatable. The fact that a person has examples when they knew what someone else is thinking could be coincidence.

To test your ability at telepathy, sit back-to-back with a partner holding a shuffled deck of cards. You concentrate on the cards one at a time and have your partner say the name of the card you're thinking of. Keep records of the number you get right vs the number wrong. If you can do that with any degree of success facing the 52-1 odds in the deck of cards, then you should be able transmit your feelings to someone else.

Answered Jun 14, 2013
Edited Jun 14, 2013

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