I don't how what to believe?

My boyfriend says he has never been this affectionate before. But had alot of sex with his ex. He said he just never felt the need to be loving towards them and he does with me. If they had alot of sex then how was he not affectionate? He said he never felt this way before. And I could really hurt him. He is 22 and I'm 19. I tried breaking up with him and he cried. I like him alot but I feel like he lies to me. What does he mean when he says he wasn't ever this affectionate?
Asked Jun 14, 2013
Well as I see it, many people can have sex without it being an overly meaningful or affectionate thing. Sex can be merely a result of attraction or friendship, and sometimes not even that. Having sex does not equate to feeling affection or more for someone. Think about all the stories of people who have one night stands or hell, even prostitutes. To them it's plain and simple sex and it does not mean they love or have any kind of feelings towards the other person other than maybe sexual gratification. If you're boyfriend is saying that you're the first girl he's ever felt anything for than maybe this is really true. His other relationships may have been purely physical and had no real emotion to them. Maybe he's growing up and realises that there is more to a relationship than just sex. Is this the only thing you're worried about him lying about because if so I think you shouldn't worry too much. I know it may be awkward, but maybe if you talk to him about why he thinks he's feeling like this towards you and how he sees your relationship (i.e. physical or emotional) especially in comparison to his previous one then you might understand where he's coming from.
Answered Jun 14, 2013

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