Girls I have a question regarding mah period

actually im 14 and weighs 36 (underweight) and I started mah period on november 2012 novembr I had my period (3 days) december= no period january= I got it february=no period again march,april= I got it may,june=didnot get it .......................... ANd when I get my period I dont have any pain ,no stomach pain,no cramps at ALL,,, sooooooo is that normal ??? why am I missing it soo much? do u have the same problem?? ^^
Asked Jun 12, 2013
What do u mean u weigh 36? Pounds?
Lana312 Jun 12, 2013
36 kg
ishk Jun 12, 2013
In the beginning, your period could be irregular. Since you really just started, your body is still sorting things out. Unless you have other symptoms, I don't think there's anything to worry about.

Not all women have cramps. Consider yourself lucky!!! :-D
Answered Jun 12, 2013
I overlooked the bit about being underweight. Being underweight can also impact your cycle. If you're actually underweight for your height and body type, you might want to talk this over with your doctor on your next visit. It's something to think about, but don't be overly alarmed at this point. Don't panic about it... just ask your doctor what he/she thinks about your weight, and follow his/her advice.
As sky dancer said periods are usually irregular the 1st year. There doesn't seem to be anything to worry about. As I had my period more often it became more regular and I got more symptoms.
Answered Jun 12, 2013

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