Are there any successful Aquarius and Scorpio relationships?

I am an Aquarius girl and I have some massive feelings for my Scorpio friend, let me tell you about us:
Talkative when there is a debate.
likes to teach others
His pupils are often big,
hes passionate and caring you can see it in his eyes.
He has never cheated
He loves to drink
loves nature
he is a cuddlier and is the most amazing passionate kisser
he doesn't date much and when he does he does long term
he doesn't like to argue
he plays some video games
he got hooked on a computer game once and I never saw him for like a month
he speaks wisely, iv never heard him talk crap or be rude, he has manners
he loves children, I think he would make a great father

I am quiet, peaceful, spiritual
I hate arguments, I like to feel peoples vibes and wait for them to come around
i watch people under a scope looking to see their flaws so I can study them
i love kids
i play video games
i have to be alone to get better emotionally, there is no talking things out with me, I need quiet
I am wise myself
I love to cuddle
I love nature and the outdoors, its all apart of my spiritual healing that I do

US around each other:
he doesn't expect me to talk when I am being quiet, he doesn't ask stupid questions like are you OK, he does ask questions though, but he ask questions like you want some thing to drink? or... I havent seen you in a while how are you?
hes not nosy with me which I like.
He has a protective vibe over me
he holds me like he means it, like I am his and his only
i can feel from the touch of his skin that he is definitely possessive and I love that,,,possessive in a good way :D
Me and him both love to sleep so we can do that together all day, on hot summer days too :)
when he looks at me I feel safe, and small and taken care of.
Asked Jun 11, 2013
Yeah, I'm a broody, introverted, spiritual Scorpio male in love with a quirky, eccentric, spontaneous Aquarius.
Tread lightly in this relationship if you really want it to work. Scorps and Aquas always get along magically in the beginning because they are so different that they mirror each other but they both share a fundamental essence lacking in other sun sign couplings. Both are extremely loyal, intelligent and stubborn.
Both parties must make sure that they don't try to dominate each other. In this meeting of equals, Scorp and Aqua mustn't play emotional games with each other but instead they should give each other a bit of space sometimes. The Scorpio must brood and the Aquarius must explore. Let him know from the start that you value your freedom above all else and you should keep in mind that the Scorp needs regular attention because he's an emotional blackhole and does not maintain a large social circle, investing too much in a few people. The Scorp needs reassurance of love and affection before he will commit to you.

My girl and I were best friends for two years before we started dating. It was love at first site for both of us but we didn't dare initiate anything for two years because we both valued each other as friends before lovers. I think this is the exact reason that drew her closer to me since Aquas are more attached to the concept of friendship than romance. After a year or so, we were inseparable. We would often argue about deep discussions, although she could get aggressive about her opinions sometimes that would just turn me off. We started dating after two years, she pretty much manipulated me into asking her out but I knew this and played along. Scorp males and Aqua females have this eternal connection where no other star sign combo can rival. Because they're the anti-thesis of each other.
A few months into our relationship, the passion was wild and we said "I love you" within the first month and after that day we've been like best friends/siblings/lovers. She is my everything. I tried to control her and put rules after a few months because I started noticing her erratic behavior and the unwillingness to compromise. This took a toll on our relationship and I didn't talk to her for a couple of days. When I was in my brooding phase I realized that she has always been supportive and tolerant of me (i'm a weird person lol) and just celebrated my differences. I felt incredibly guilty and I asked myself the fundamental question in a relationship, do I trust her? And the answer was Yes. I trust her more than anyone I've ever met. This girl is the love of my life and I knew I had to learn to accept her differences and in time learn to love them.
And that is what happened, we're stronger than ever now. The more I became accepting, less needy and gave her more freedom the more she compromised little things that annoyed me and actually gave me the emotional and intimate reassurance I've always craved from her.
I'm glad I saved my relationship because everyday is an adventure with her. Our sexual attraction is overwhelming, I am the ying to her yang. Our bodies synchronize like one spirit. Aquas get detached in the act of sex sometimes. I found this utterly fascinating and I do the same sometimes and it's a divine moment when we're both making love our minds are completely devoid of everything except for our union.
She taught me to be happy and secure about myself and I taught her to get in touch with her emotional side.
We're talking about getting married only after 3 years. She stimulates me more than any human being I've ever met. We do butt our heads together from time to time, often leading to arguments. But our arguments always end up in a more friendly, playful nature and at the end we find ourselves both filled with passion and you can imagine the rest.
I say go for it, I never imagined I'll settle with an Aquarius since astrology condemns this union. It can be the most beautiful relationship if both of you genuinely attempts to accept each other. There's a reason why Scorps and Aquas are attracted to each other more than any combo. While most of these relationships fail due to differences, both parties have the potential to turn all the hate and stress into understanding and accepting each other and learn to be adaptable. I'm telling you, the Aquarius female is the epitome of the Scorpio's desires. In hindsight, she embodies all the ideals, the looks, the temperament, the quirkiness, the compassion and pretty much everything else I've ever wanted in a life partner since I started liking girls.
Answered Mar 17, 2014

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