My girlfriend thinks she smells bad during sex

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost two years but she doesn't want to have sex because she doesn't like the way she smells and thinks I won't either. When we make out and she gets really hot I can smell her sometimes, but it's a good smell and she doesn't believe me. How can I make her more comfortable with herself?
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Asked Jun 07, 2013
Explain to her that we humans still have some animal instincts left in us. What females consider a bad odor, males consider the mating scent. Waaaoooooo! :-)
Answered Jun 07, 2013
Some of us humans, especially American's, have been conditioned to think that any smell coming off of us that isn't perfume, lotion, body wash, etc. is somehow always bad. That is not the case. What may smell bad to one person or the one sex may smell good to the other. We give off pheromones and scents that attract each other.

Sounds like you got a great girl, if only she would lose her insecurities about her smell. All you can do is keep telling her that she is beautiful while having sex and to not be ashamed of her smell, and that you really like it. Tell her that her worrying about it constantly makes you uncomfortable and ruins the romantic moment. Perhaps with time, she will change.
Answered Oct 26, 2013
Just have a mature conversation with her about it and things will be fine. And make sure your penis smells good too by using an antibacterial penis health creme once a day. These are made just for guys and keep the penis in excellent shape... no odors, dryness, discoloration etc. Using one makes a big difference.. keep them in mind.
Answered Nov 20, 2017
She is right to be ashamed of her stench. You are just a stink pervert. Stop making out with her and just pop your wiener in her mouth. Everyone wins.
Answered Aug 14, 2013

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