Do You Think My ol'lady Cheated On Me?

We been together 21 years now.

Ok, so my son did not have the greatest friends and they mooch alot.. One was always coming over when he could not mooch at someone elses house (he is 19) (shes 49) he would want to come sometimes occasionally for a while till he went to jail to spend the night because he missed the bus.

My son would hangout and do things, and they would finally go to sleep. Now I live down the street and my ol'lady took care of a old man that has now passed ( may forever hold his peace ) at the time He was in a re-habilitation physical therapy home for a while. She stayed down there alot to clean and even over nights. The Time When he was not there my son that helps her ended up coming down here for the night and I guess that "BUM" came over and missed the bus, but my son was not there and my ol'lady let him in the house and said it was fine he could spend the night. "AS TOLD" and she usually would do something like that.

My daughter came back home from her house and knocked on the door and all the lights were off . it was like 2am. The guy was in the other room on the floor "SLEEPING" and she was in the living room on one of the couches. He ended up moving to the other couch because that was were my daughter would stay if she came to visit. Me and my son went down there and banged hard on the door and went into the house and he was on the couch and she was on the other couch both sleeping "but my ol'lady opened the door.

My daughter in the other room when we went down there. Tell me what you think because when we went down there and yelled and asked more less I stormed into the house, screamed and demanded to know what's going on she started crying saying what are you talking about... blah blah blah..... she is really sick alot of the times and tends to cry easily over something. its hard to tell need personal opinions. HELP ME ? THANKS
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Asked Jun 06, 2013
Edited Jun 06, 2013
I don't read anything in what you've written that sounds like smoking gun evidence of cheating but it does make you wonder why your son's 19 year old friend would choose to go where your wife is when he missed the bus rather than show up at your house where his friend (your son) was.

At any rate, it does sound like a rather dysfunctional family with everybody pounding on doors in the middle of the night. :-)
Answered Jun 06, 2013
i have trouble making sense of it all :/
Answered Jun 06, 2013

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