How much paint would I need to paint a 10 by 10 room?

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Asked Jun 06, 2013
It depends on the coverage of the paint and how many coats you want to apply. The can should have the coverage on the label.

Multiply the ceiling height by 40 for the square footage of the walls. If the ceiling is to be painted also, add 100 square feet to that. For example it would be 320 sq feet if the ceiling height was 8 feet [40 X 4) X 8] and 420 square feet including the ceiling.

It will take enough paint for 420 square feet for every coat like 2 coats would be 840 sq feet. If you take that square footage number to the paint store and buy enough to cover that square footage, that will get you there.

Answered Jun 06, 2013
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2 litres.
Answered Jun 08, 2013
It depends on the coverage of the paint and how many coats you want to apply. For more details you can visit:
Answered Feb 18, 2014
The amount of paint you need will vary a lot with the size of a room or house you are going to paint. I suggest you read the manufactures guide on how many square feet or meters their paint will cover. Every brand of paint and all paint finishes will have different coverage rates.

Also, if you are painting a previously painted wall then the coverage rate will be close to the manufactures standard specifications. If you are painting an unpainted block wall then you will use a lot more paint, the coverage rate could be down to about half meaning you will use 2 times the amount of paint.

All estimates are approximate due to all the variables and paint estimates are based on an average 3 bedroom single storey home previously painted and applying two coats of paint.


A small room 12 x 12 x 9 or in metric 3.6 x 3.6 x 2.7

Ceilings - 1/2 of a gallon or 2 - 3 litre's of paint per room, to paint all the ceilings in a house it would be 6 - 8 gallons or 20 to 30 litres.
Walls - 1 gallon or 4 - 5 litre's of paint per room, to paint all the wall in a house it would be 8 - 10 gallons or 30 - 40 litres.
Woodwork/Trim - 1/4 of a gallon or 1 litre of paint per coat per room, to paint all woodwork it would be 4 litre's per coat.
Sealer/Primer for a new plaster board - 1 gallon or 4 litres of paint for walls and ceiling per room or 10 - 12 gallons or 40 - 50 litre's for all walls and ceilings in a house.
Feature Wall - 1/4 to 1/2 gallon or 1 - 2 litre's of paint.

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Answered Jun 08, 2021

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