I think I may have depression but im scared to tell anyone, what should I do?

i act normal and do things that are normal but inside I really want to scream!! I hate myself sometimes and im forever questioning myself and things that I do. I just dont want to feel this way anymore.
Asked Jun 03, 2013
you should definitely tell someone about your problem, seek counselling, tell someone you trust (etc..). my mum suffers from depression, she was most sad when she didn't tell someone about her problems. this made me even more sadder to see her like this. think like this, I may as well tell someone and find out then not say anything at all and be 'alone' with my problems. stay positive.
Answered Jun 03, 2013
do you talk to anyone about your problems?
Answered Jun 03, 2013
i talk to my best friend and she says its just a phase because were in the middle f our gcse exams
12397 Jun 03, 2013
Talk to someone that you don't know, trust me it works :)
I would recommended going on social media where no one knows you. I did this and met someone (my new friend kai ♥∆♥) who helped me through citing, depression and suicide. It really helps if you have no one else to talk to!
Answered Nov 19, 2015
Definitely find a mature family member or a mature close friend to talk to. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. More people suffer from depression than you realize. Some feel just like you, they are afraid to let someone know. But it really helps to confide in someone. Prayer really helps me also. The bible says at 1 Peter 5 vs 7 "throw all your anxiety on God because he cares for you". Reading the bible helps. The bible promises that soon Isaiah 56 vs 17 will be fulfiled.There it reads "I am creating a new heavens and a new earth, and the former things will not be called to mind neither will they come up into the heart".. So there will be nothing to make us depressed. No more crime, no violence, no wars, no sickness, even death will be no more says Revelation 21 vs 3 and 4. Yes soon God will bring this old world (or system of things) to an end and usher in a righteous new one. Depression will be no more.! In the mean time he can help us deal with it, how? Please visit jw.org where you may request a free home bible study on a day and at a time convenient for you.
Answered Jun 13, 2017

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