Is he a she? Detailed Question.

Ive been dating this guy online for a substantial amount of time ( a few years) and we have yet to meet in person. I really love him but I have a few suspicions of my own that he is really a female. Going through his facebook one day I noticed a girl liked a picture, so I went to her page.. She had a picture of his cat but people were saying it was her cat. She also had status's, events and vacations nearly identical to things that he had shared with me throughout our relationship. I confronted him about this and he told me she was just a friend from school, I didn't really believe him but I dropped it because I love him. We talk on the phone and his voice doesnt sound very feminine, we have never video chatted though :l. Anytime I ask him to show me pictures of himself he gets defensive and avoids it at all costs, getting angry with me so I stop asking about it. My question is if he is really a female, why lie to me that he was a guy? What does he gain out of lying to me that he is a man, I know he really does love and care for me, so its not just to hurt me. He has had his facebook from before we met, so its not like he made these accounts just to trick me. Is there any chance that this is all in my head and he really is being truthful?
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Asked Jun 02, 2013
On the Internet you can be anybody you want to be so it is very possible that you are "in love" with someone's fantasy life, not a real person.

Internet relationships are great for getting to know someone but, until you are able to verify who he/she really is, you should do your best to offload some of the emotion you have tied to this. A person that says they love you would want to go to a more personal form of contact like video or meeting in person. I agree with you that there's something wrong with this picture.
Answered Jun 03, 2013
In the beginning of our relationship (1-2 months in) they wanted to fly me out to where they lived, but it being so early I wanted to wait and get to know them better. Now that its been a few years and I've been more pushy on wanting to meet and getting pictures/videos but they're always reluctant. Thank you for your advice though. It does open my eyes to the fact that this is an online long distance relationship, so its very easy for them to lie to me.
I missed something. By "they," are there others involved beside your "guy" or are you referring to both his male and female online persona?
Rob Jun 03, 2013
I was referring to his male and female persona, sorry about that :)
Well a friend of mine (girl) online dated a guy for a really long time. She was 17 and he supposedly was to. But he was really 13. Anything can happen when it's online dating and you haven't video chatted. or actually seen them for yourself.
Answered Jun 03, 2013
Edited Jun 03, 2013
Yea thats true.. I feel like whether he is really a male, or a female pretending, I feel like he really does care for me. Thanks for your comment :)

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