Is this right or wrong. I'm scared

Well my dad has find my iPhone and I tracked him down and he is at the casino he is suppose to be at work. He took out 200 dollars from the bank and said his friend needed a loan. He is always saying things like that and making believable stories. My mom and him fight and we need the money for other things. I need help what should I do.
Asked Jun 02, 2013
This prodecure may be dangerous, especially if you live with my dad. If you plain as day just confront him saying what you did, you might get grounded. Ask him, "I was playing your find my iphone, and saw you were at the casino." He might say he was meeting his friend there. If he does, tell him, you stayed there for an awful long time. You couldnt of just given him money. Did you gamble? If hes hiding this, and says no, confront your mom withthe situation hwhen your dad is out. I will try my best to ad on and help you with this situation. And by the way,, if hes wasting money gambling, it is very wrong.
Answered Jun 03, 2013
And, you should save your money. Try to get a job raking leaves or moving lawns. Hide it from your dad. If hes really THAT bad, he might take/steal it.
I've been looking for a job for a while but since I'm 12 its been kind of hard. . . I found a baby sitting job but my parents don't support me working.

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