Do I have a mental health issue?

Could my troubles be because of a medical reason? I don't know how I feel about anything, I don't know if I love my husband, I don't know how to make myself happy, I don't know if people like me or if I like them. I feel like im just being taken along with the flow, but don't know where im going.
Asked May 30, 2013
I got it to
look dnot say that ok I was worst then u
have u ever did self harm
you're probably bored of your everyday routine .. you should go out more often take a break, go out with your husband so you'll remember how much u love him :)
u don't have any mental issue its a normal thing to sometimes feel that way..
Answered May 30, 2013
Mental issue? No. I am not a doctor but sounds like you are stuck in a rut and need to get out more with the ones you do know you love. If this goes to long you may get depressed to the point you do not want to do anything with anyone. Get out enjoy life. Simply just celebrate life!
Answered May 30, 2013
I will kill my self with a lot of anger
Answered Nov 20, 2015

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