Am I sick or smth?

i'm 15 years old and my vagina is producing some kinda liquid I don't know what it is, its slimy and white kind of looks like a spit ?!
i don't know, and I get wet because of it most of the time, I don't know if that was the orgasm liquid because that is happening to me without being horny.
should I consider visiting a doctor?
thank you for your time.
Asked May 29, 2013
A yeast infection will produce such a discharge but it should have a redness and a burning sensation along with it.

The link below has a list of different types of vaginal discharge and what they mean. If that doesn't resolve the issue you should see a doctor.
Answered May 29, 2013
there isn't any redness in it and I don't feel anything, its the same feeling when i'm getting wet.
If nothing on that list of symptoms applies to you, you should follow the tips for preventing vaginal infections at the bottom and watch for additional symptoms. If anything about it becomes a greater concern, see the doctor.
Rob May 29, 2013
i don't think I have an infection, and if I do, what would be infected from?
and its not happening always,
like suddenly I feel wet ? or I feel like something is goin on down there, no pain or anything
I didn't mean to imply you have an infection. The tips at the bottom of the page has information about soaps and chemicals that aren't good to use in case it might be an allergy.
Rob May 29, 2013
Oh! You're probably right. I have a very sesitive body and I have gotten lots of allergies so its probably an allergy as you said, lots of thanks
i think its normal ur going through puberty, if u want to set ur mind at peace just visit your doctor
Answered Jul 26, 2013

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