Why does she flirt with me even if she already have a boyfriend?

I decided one day to go to an danceaerobic class, the instructor who was leading it, is a happy soul. While dancing she looked at me like all the time!
When the finishing class was over, I walk through her to get on my tram. It felt like she wanted me to stay and talk with her. (she was hanging with another girl from the class and talked) While I stood on the tram, I saw her walking through the street and yet she like looked to the sight of the tram. Like if she knew there were someone who was looking at her or maybe she knew I was in it.

I've been to her class 3 times and the second one was also she was just looking at me, like tons of times under the training.

But this third time she gave me a hand heart on chest and looked deep into my eyes and gave me a big smile. I didn't do anything back, just a smal smile back. And she also looked deep when doing the finishing pose and smiled.

I know there's a lot of other pepole in the class who's dancing and i'm standing like 1-2 meters from her everytime, because I don't know the step that well, that's why I don't stand close to the mirror or her.
The thing is maybe she did all that to who else in that room and not me. But it looked and it felt like it was me she was doing it to all the time.

So what does this mean?
Is she likeing girls too or does she just think's i'm cute?
Asked May 29, 2013
Maybe she's a bitch.
Answered May 30, 2013

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