How can I kill myself without pain

I just want to die...thats why I want to know, how I kill myself without pain?
Asked May 28, 2013
there's no death without pain.. im not talking about the pain the u would feel.. im talking about the pain u'll make ur family friends and every one that cares about u feel.. and u should know that dying maybe seems to be an easy way to quit everything, but believe me its the worst thing.. cuz no matter what you're going through its not worth killing yourself.. you should find the bright side of everything and start living your life and facing you problems .. man up and deal with it.. not pull yourself out and end your life..

Answered May 28, 2013
A lot of people go through what u are going through, I know they do, just remember you are not alone. Think of what u are looking forward to, what u want to do in life, not what has happened in the past or present. I know u will be fine! I believe in u! Keep ya head up even though the road gets hard never give up- Tupac

Answered Jun 01, 2013
Edited Jun 01, 2013

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