How I kill myself without pain?

Asked May 28, 2013
You could eat lots of food until you are really full then go to sleep. See what happens
As guilty as I feel to answer this question, there are a few ways to die without pain.
• shooting yourself in the head. A bullet travels so fast that your skull would just expload and you wouldn't feel a thing.
• jumping off a buliding. If you land on your feet though, you might feel like a few seconds of pain under every bone in your body breaks. If you land head first, you don't feel anything due to the impact it has.
• if you hung yourself from a high buildin and let youself fall, no pain would be expreience because the incapability to breath isn't what kills you, it's actuallythe rope snapping your neck. But say if you hubg yourself from a low point, you'd die of suffocation which hurts.
• I dont think you can kill yourself this way, but if you got hit by a nuke, no pain would be experienced because you'd just disintegrate into nothing.

I really hope you dont do anything bad or try to commit suicide, xx
Answered May 29, 2013
I have asked myself that question many times...but I promise life gets better...stay alive for it
Why would you say answer like that seriously don't you care about someone who wants to commit siucide I know that if I was this person I would tell you to go get f**ked. but honestly do not do anything to hurt yourself!!!
EMI6202 Nov 21, 2013
Don't kill yourself you have a lot to live for! A family a nice dream job! Going to dances and parties! Keep ya head up da road is hard Neva give up - Tupac
Answered May 29, 2013
Hey man don't joke with your life cause its very precious.
Answered May 29, 2013
there is no way. so, you'd better keep alive and live a good live. may you lucky.
Answered Aug 20, 2013

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