How I kill myself without pain?

Asked May 28, 2013
You could eat lots of food until you are really full then go to sleep. See what happens
are you still alive? cause its been over years now
my mom took away my iphone and prob tells my dad and he will beat me up and my mom want to give me to another family and move to canada with my siblings and dad so right now I just wanna kill my self I will try to take 10 sleeppills and just get it done
Anynom Oct 27, 2021
As guilty as I feel to answer this question, there are a few ways to die without pain.
• shooting yourself in the head. A bullet travels so fast that your skull would just expload and you wouldn't feel a thing.
• jumping off a buliding. If you land on your feet though, you might feel like a few seconds of pain under every bone in your body breaks. If you land head first, you don't feel anything due to the impact it has.
• if you hung yourself from a high buildin and let youself fall, no pain would be expreience because the incapability to breath isn't what kills you, it's actuallythe rope snapping your neck. But say if you hubg yourself from a low point, you'd die of suffocation which hurts.
• I dont think you can kill yourself this way, but if you got hit by a nuke, no pain would be experienced because you'd just disintegrate into nothing.

I really hope you dont do anything bad or try to commit suicide, xx
Answered May 29, 2013
I have asked myself that question many times...but I promise life gets better...stay alive for it
Why would you say answer like that seriously don't you care about someone who wants to commit siucide I know that if I was this person I would tell you to go get f**ked. but honestly do not do anything to hurt yourself!!!
EMI6202 Nov 21, 2013
Don't kill yourself you have a lot to live for! A family a nice dream job! Going to dances and parties! Keep ya head up da road is hard Neva give up - Tupac
Answered May 29, 2013
Hey man don't joke with your life cause its very precious.
Answered May 29, 2013
there is no way. so, you'd better keep alive and live a good live. may you lucky.
Answered Aug 20, 2013
I found this bc I'm looking how to off myself without pain. I'm a 30 yr old female and dealing with horrible circumstances. No kids, so I just want out without pain. My 357 Magnum is ready but I'd rather die In my sleep. Please, options folks?
Answered Aug 31, 2014
Each years tens of thousands of people attempt suicide. When a person is overwhelmed with problems they may contemplate suicide as a way to escape their problems. Even though your situation may see desperate, remember that you are not alone. Sadly everyone is dealing with some type of problem. But there are ways to cope. One thing you should do is share your feelings with a mature friend that you can trust. Confiding in others can diminish the intensity of your emotions, and it can give you a fresh perspective in the problems you face. Also you can always pour out to your heart to God. 1 Peter 5:7 let's us know that God cares for each and everyone of us. If you tell God the difficulties you face, he will provide help for you. A wonderful website that you will find encouraging is It can truly help us with the problems we face and let's us know the Bible's promise for the future when there will be a time when no one will feel the way that you. If can take the time to look at it.
Answered Sep 02, 2014
I'm really feeling bad and I don't need to be in thi world thank you because no one likes me in this world, I HATE EVERYONE. GOODBYE WORLD
Answered Mar 31, 2016
egzacly how I feel
by living through hell xddddddddd
Answered May 05, 2016
I think if you are going to kill your self don't let your body surfer if all you wont do it like talk some pills and go to sleep for a long time. Life is hard but don't kill you self keep going till you cant because god wants you and not because you life is bad or fuck up. It will be find
Answered Mar 01, 2017
don't try to kill urself just remember u are it takes a strong individual to be a leader anyone can be a follower so if u do it don't u think others will want to do it so help stop
its not that easy I wanna die
you are right your_mom_63
Answered Mar 01, 2017
I want kill myself, quick with pain, can u tell me how
Answered Sep 02, 2017
Now I'm a 14 year old girl and I wanna die. I know what you're thinking " you're very young, you should live your life, the real problems haven't started yet, etc, etc". I have lots of best friends, and I have guys that like me, I'm a straight A student and I live a normal life with both of my parents in great conditions but still I feel like I wanna kill myself. Now the only reason why I'm not dead is because of my parents because I think about the pain that I would cause them. Anyway I've done some research on how to kill yourself easily and I think that the best way possible to kill yourself without any pain is by taking lots of pills. At least that's what I plan on doing. GOODBYE WORLD!!
Answered Nov 02, 2017
It is some what call as depression.Best way to kill depression is ayurvedic treament.
Answered Jul 23, 2018
I am being told if I dont give someone fucking ROBUX they will show the whole school my embarrassing vids on musically 1. im broke af 2.shes my best friend WTH I looked up how to kill myself without pain because I dont want to hurt myself and I am not worried about hurting others cuz I am alone and I am overweight so that haunts me too I fought depression before but I quickly fall every month or so, I really want to die. I want to talk to a friend but I have no friends thanks people.<_>
Answered Dec 30, 2018
I'm 10years old and I just don't feel loved my nieces are horrible and I'm never able to tell the truth I've never felt like this with myself and I think of ways to die I hoped u wish good luck when it comes to that someone tries to stop me I know I'm mean to them to but can't stop me because I'm not going to look back
Answered Jan 17, 2019
I want to die.
I cannot bare this pain any longer.
It's just harbouring in me like a bad disease.
I am sick of men treating me like I'm NOTHING!
Turning every situation in my relationship around onto me.
I back myself up and I'm wrong for that.
I suffer Fibromalgia, arthritis, diabetes, Agraphobia, OCD, Anxiety at its extreme, and BPD. I have told him I'm struggling as I'm going through so much in my life.
The noise in my head that won't ever go away is destroying me. There is not a day whereby I do not wake up not feeling suicidal. I have beliefs that if you take you're own life you go to hell(I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO HELL.) Yet I've also got the dilemma that I've done enough wrong in my life through being neglected that there's a good chance I'm going to hell anyhow.
But then I on times (many times actually) THI K we are living in hell.
I have no family (mum was murdered, she abused me, dad died prior to myself being born.) Any relationship I have such as the one now for instance I am being told you're a DESGUSTING woman no wonder you're family left you, you deserve nothing, oh you're never wrong are you, oh you're such a selfish person, oh you moved a bed today Wowww (I take so much narcissistic trash as I do not know any way out.) It's difficult for me to move things due to my conditions (the smallest thing brings on physical pain.) I've been asked to wake up earlier to which I have been doing, now I'm being told I wake him up and don't give him a chance. I was asked to go out more despite him knowing I suffer agraphobia, I have gotten out made my efforts (I end up panicking) he's all proud of me, and then next thing I'm the laziest person because I don't go out. I cannot win.
I'm pretty sure what I'm going through is Narcissist behaviour. He state's I'm better when I take my medication, then when I take it apparently I'm the worst person in the world, I deserved to be raped, I deserved to be abused. I lay in my bed on my own every night, because he does not come to bed. He gambles and says its a hobby despite me leaving him before and he was SO SO SO SO SORRY admitting everything.
Now OH it's all in the past I dwell on past to much and cannot keep using it against him. He says he will leave, but then doesn't.
This is just tip of the iceburg and I'm at bursting point I want a way out. I cannot live this life ANYMORE.
I hate my body yet he goes on and on of how I'm not interacting in that way (despite me telling him outright I have issues with my body in self confidence as I've put on weight due to my mental health tablets.... He screams and shouts at me everyday now because I won't give in.
I'm not ready to start back up what we had.
Surely if he loved me he would be more bothered in regard to how self conscious I am right now.
Honestly I just want out of this life.
Answered Feb 04, 2019
didn't ask
I wish I could help. I don't know what it feels like but it sounds horrible. If you need to talk maybe just find a way to text or call me. I will be there. I have a lot of problems, like when I read or hear things like this I feel the need to help and I wish you could stay with me but that's too risky. I can talk to you whenever you need to talk. Just let me know, I just want to help. I know you have anxiety and agraphobia so you might be shy or scared.
M21 Mar 25, 2022
then kill your if you want to die i'm trying to kill myself I just need help doing it if you feel like you should stay on this fucked up plant go ahead nobody's stopping you i'm sure not
Answered Apr 12, 2019
lol, just go for it fam!!!!
im 13 yeras old and I wanna kill myslelf,i have a perfect body,toxic family,friedns that I cant trust theres just no point in life and I would talk to my mom about this but she would think im crazy idk thers jus no point in life I really wanna kill my self but im too much of a a fucking coward I hate so many things about me my mom fucking sucks and so the does the rest of my familti wish everything would just end,help me please ii cant handle this pain anymore help me
I just whant to kill my self becouse my family didnt even love mr for ones only my brother so I whant to kill my self and that is gonna be soon bye forever.
Answered Aug 25, 2021
IM 16 and every story is the same... about pain and this one is no different.So going to the point. Every day is the same,I can not speak to people cuz im super shy, I am getting bullied, I dont love myself,Home and school is like a black hole.Theres more but no one cares about think im going to do it tonight
Answered Oct 27, 2021
Literally nobody asked tho-
and I didnt ask your opion
Why you want to kill yourself? Is there any type of health issue then please contact with Cosmesurge expert doctors. They will better to consult you.
Answered Oct 28, 2021
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Answered Nov 23, 2021
i wanna just km cuz I just run off 1 lesson and my perants went crazy and and they saw a scare and ahhhh idk they just told my phone is bad for me and they taked it away and I am scared they gonna scrool tru my phone I cant all the things I wanna jsut sh and kill myself
Answered Dec 15, 2021

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