Tegan and Sara are gay but I'm not.

I'm straight but my friends are mad at me for listening to Tegan and Sara. I think they are great singers and very funny. My friends think that the fact that they are gay means that I shouldn't listen to their music. I don't think sexual orientation should determine if you listen to someone or not. Am I wrong here?
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Asked May 27, 2013
Edited May 27, 2013
No it's okay to listen to them there's nothing wrong :D I mean just cuz there gay dosent mean you can listen to them you RIGHT
Answered May 27, 2013
Thanks. I didn't even know they were gay when I first started listening to them but when I found out I already really liked them so why stop listening because of that. People are just stupid.
I know I mean you like them you can't stop that! Your always gonna like the music!
Ok, surely you're not gonna ditch your friends because they're GAY. Whoever said that is a downright idiot. Listen to their music, love their music, and SHOW that you love their music! No sexual orientation should stop you from building strong relationships.
Answered Apr 27, 2017

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