I can't express my emotions in words

I cry when I am forced to express something in words that has an emotional connection. It is not sad-crying, it is protective-crying, to mask other feelings that may be revealed in my face. I can express things with art but not words and it's harder to put my feelings into words than draw them. This is interfering with school because there are some assignments, creative writing in particular, which require me to write things that would express emotion. If the connection is not very strong (because the emotions are not very strong or deep) then it is not very difficult, so normal social interactions are not difficult, but if I am under a lot of pressure I will hesitate to say or write things with even a very weak emotional connection. I can finish some of my assignments with a writing tutor but I do this only by blocking the emotional connection while writing it. If I read my writing afterwards I will start protective-crying. Also if people approach me or touch me while I am protective-crying I will push them away and not talk to them. This problem has gotten worse as people have tried to force me to reveal or express things more in words.
The school did a very comprehensive set of tests and did not come up with any results that would allow modifications to be made to the assignments that are difficult for me. I have no difficulties in any other areas in school including social life. I am seeing a psychiatrist right now but things are moving too slowly so I am looking online for help. I need to find a way to solve this on my own.
Asked May 27, 2013
I know how you feel, I can express my emotions in words either. When people try to get my to do that, I get stressed and end up throwing a rage fit and shouting at everyone around me telling them to leave me alone, and if people try to touch me, I end up kicking them away with extreme force, which I honestly don't know where it comes from.
Snivy May 27, 2013
Sounds like me. Do you have any strategies to cope with it better? The only thing I can do is temporarily stop crying by reciting things in my head to block out any kind of emotional connection, but that doesn't really help because everything comes back again later.

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